4 Things that You Should Know About Land Renewal in Dubai

The Rental Dispute Settlement Centre (RDSC) is often involved in divergences connecting to lease renewal. In this article, we will discuss some important things to help landlords and tenants to avoid these disputes, then saving redundant costs and awkwardness.

A soft re-market noticeable by overflow provides tenants a chance to consider their options. This is true, tenant can look at negotiating a reduction of their rent or moving to a better property.

You should also consider some important things when looking to negotiate or terminate a lease. If you do have not any idea about this, then it Is ideal to find an experienced property lawyer in Dubai, or wherever you live, to solve your problem. Below, I’m going to share some important things that you should consider for understanding lease renewal in Dubai.

Tenant’s Right of Renewal is Automatic

Automatic renewal is basically a public policy problem and therefore can’t be constructed out of. Where a tenant remnant in the profession of a property after the lease expiry with no landowner objection then the lease will inevitably repeat for the original lease term or one year on the same terms and circumstances.

Can the Landowner Refuse a Lease Revitalisation Under Any Situations?

There are only four conditions where a proprietor can object to the revitalization of a lease and demand the eviction of the occupant on lease expiry:

1. Property Demolition

The RDSC will need the landlord to offer evidence to care its claim, such as a Dubai Municipality (DM) endorsement to the demolition procedure. Though this obligation defends the tenant, it can pose tasks for the landlord in terms of postponement and handling interfaces between Government departments.

2. Renovation or Extensive Maintenance

The reformation or maintenance should be so extensive that it could not be assumed with the renter in the profession. The landlord would be practical to obtain a methodological report from DM (or accredited by it) to sustenance its case. Where a property is devastated or renewed, the tenant must be provided a first right of rejection in respect to re-occupying the possessions.

3. Personal Use

The landlord should offer proof that it does not own an appropriate property. This can be complicated relative to commercial leases, particularly where a landlord owns numerous commercial properties and desires to reclaim the property for commercial reasons. The RDSC is possibly uncaring in this occurrence as their sight is likely to be that if the landholder owns alternate properties that one of those would be appropriate for landlord use.

This exclusion is thus more pertinent to distinct, residential landlords who need to re-occupy their flat. Where the exclusion is effectively applied, the landlord may not re-let the possessions for at least two years (in the case of residential possessions) and at least three years (for non-residential properties) except the RDSC agrees to a shorter exclusion period. Where the owner breaks these restrictions, the tenant may claim recompense from the landlord.

4. Sale of Property

The property owner cannot merely state that it desires to sell its property. It must validate its intention possibly by providing a broker’s contract or a memo of sale.

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What Should a Tenant Do If Illegally Asked to Evacuate Property?

A tenant can file a case contrary to the landowner with the RDSC for a fee and with backup paperwork. The judge will deliberate the problems of the case and may matter a new lease. The renter can credit the rent cheques at the RDSC and they can be compensated to the landholder by the RDSC. It is though helpful if renters are cognizant of their rights and can convey with the landlord before impending the RDSC to save costs.


The tenancy law provides extra protection to tenants and benefits to create constancy in the Dubai rental market by limiting the estates on which property-owners can refuse to renew an occupancy. The contests of smearing the tenancy law to commercial possessions should not though be overlooked. You can find one of the best law offices in Dubai, or elsewhere to take the right solution for your legal problem.

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