6 Most Unique Flavored Cakes That Will Drive You Insane

Many festivals are yet to come, and what is making you wait so long when you can have lovely unique flavored cakes all at your home? Cakes form the basis of all the important events or special events that we all want to celebrate and make memorable, so what’s wrong with celebrating the beautiful and remarkable events of your life with just a cake and that too with all the lip-smacking toppings of dry fruits. 

Life is short, so every moment should be celebrated, so why not celebrate with some exotic flavors of cakes? You can order cake online and have it with your loved ones and celebrate the beautiful moments along with them. Just buy a click away.

Salted butterscotch caramel cake

This cake contains the perfect blend of butterscotch and caramel with every layer of perfection. This cake is usually served with the frosting of brown butter, which makes it further a lovely mind boggling combination of all the richness of caramel and the flavour of butterscotch. It contains butterscotch pudding, melted butterscotch chips, buttermilk, and whipped cream. 

This cake has a lovely spongy and crunchy texture all over the body and even in the toppings. When having this soft spongy butterscotch caramel cake, drizzle butterscotch sauce upon it to have it in its best form.

 Lemon blueberry coffee cake

Want something colorful for your celebration? Then here goes a perfect cake for you! This blueberry coffee cake can serve you the best at any time of the occasion or any festival at your house as it contains a colorful mixture of glazing coffee and the sweet to sour taste of blueberry and lemon. It is all one cake that gives you the feeling of completeness in it.

The cake is usually served with toppings of cinnamon. The major ingredients are brown sugar, flour, blueberries, cinnamon, butter, eggs, lemon juice, and some dry fruits to add to the cake’s beauty.

Marina bird’s milk cake

The unique name of the cake is in its taste. Allow yourself to get a break from the conventional cakes and try this ultimate unique cake with all the richness of milk and dark chocolates. According to some legends, bird’s milk is counted as one of the sacred ingredients that birds in heaven feed their chicks, and so this cake is said to be made from bird’s milk as it’s so famous for its lovely texture and delicious taste of milk and chocolate. The major ingredients required are eggs, butter, plain flour, salt, baking powder for the base, dark chocolate, cream, and butter for the glaze of the cake.

Walnut maple cake

Do you love walnuts or are just crazy about dry fruits, then what’s stopping you from ordering this heavenly wonder, walnut maple cake all baked for walnut lovers like you. Topped with crunchy walnuts and creamy buttercream frosting, this cake serves the best for any occasion, promising you the goodness of walnuts and their rich nutritional values. 

Layers of the sweetness of maple extract and chopped crunchy walnuts will best suit your celebration. This cake requires the usual ingredients except for maple extract and crunchy walnuts.

Mint chocolate cake

Dark chocolate and mint form one of the best classic combinations as it makes a timeless invention of a mint chocolate cake. This cake is also known as grasshopper cake as it is slightly light green with a chocolate hue all over it. It’s a perfect combo of indulging chocolate and frosting of mint with all the richness of cocoa and buttercream. 

The cake is baked with coffee, which brings out the flavour of chocolate, while buttercream with peppermint makes the cake a savoring delight. The online cake delivery in Delhi is where you can order cakes online, and take all your favorite flavors and have it safely at home with your loved ones.

Pink champagne cake

Yes, you read it right. Pink champagne cake with the flavour of vanilla and champagne or it has a distinct taste of sweet vanilla and the tangy taste of champagne. This cake has a fairy-like slight pinkish appearance and has the fancy taste of champagne. 

This cake is like champagne infused with velvety vanilla buttercream and frosted with the glazing champagne. This cake goes well with weddings, engagements, parties, anniversaries, new year events, dates, valentine parties and much more because of its lovely romantic pinkish color and exotic champagne tint.

Lastly, be it any success celebration, office parties to homely celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries cakes, champagne. We all love to celebrate our awesome remarkable memories with our close ones then why not with a small delicious exotic flavored cake! Do not think twice and go for ordering cakes online at a reasonable price with the best unique flavors and let the day be yours.