How To Create Attractive Designs For The Face Masks

The face masks are quite small in size and they provide a blank space for creating attractive designs. You can create various kinds of attractive designs for your face mask and make it look like a fashion accessory. Here, in this article, we are going to describe various design ideas for printing on face masks:  

Use Your Logo

You should use your brand or organization logo for customization of the face mask. We all know that wearing a face mask is very important in public places to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Whether it is college, workplace, or any other public place, wearing a face mask is very important. Therefore, the face masks provide an opportunity to spread awareness about your brand or organization. Thecustom masks Canadaprofessionals can help in creating the face mask with a logo.

Share Your Views

The custom face masks do not just provide you an opportunity to spread awareness. With the help of face masks, you can share your views. You can print or embroider your views on the face mask. The face masks are worn at just eye level.

Therefore, they are the best for gaining the attention of people. If you want to raise awareness of the cause, then you should print your idea on the face masks. While printing your ideas, you should make sure that they are readable even from the distance.  

Promote Upcoming Event

The custom face masks also provide you an opportunity to promote your upcoming events. Due to the spread of coronavirus, many events are rescheduled. If this rescheduled event is approaching soon, then you should consider using the blank space of the face mask for promotional purposes.   

“Face” Masks

When we wear a face mask, then half of our face is covered with it. You can print half of the face on the mask to create an illusion. You can print the lips and half of the face on it. When you wear the face mask, then it will look amazing. It is quite an interesting and fun-filled idea for designing the face mask.

Match Face Masks With Your Apparel

Nowadays, people are using the face mask just like a fashion accessory. You can create the design on the face mask just like your apparel. You should take the help of professionals for creating face masks with the same design as that of your clothes.

Create Complementary Mask

It is not necessary to create the same matching pattern. You can also go for the complementary design to look different from others. For instance, you can match a stripe-printed face mask with your long dress.

Similarly, you can choose a flower print face to ask with your girly dress. The complementary designs on the face mask can give wings to your ideas. These masks can easily attract the attention of the people.

Use Custom Artwork and Illustrations

You can also print custom artwork and illustrations on your face mask. If you are creative, then you can show it by printing the creative artwork on your face mask. You can create face masks that are inspiring and let you have fun while wearing them.

Generate Library of Options

Why choose one when you are free to have as much as you can? It is recommended that you should create a wide range of face mask designs. You should use your creativity and create a wide range of options for a face mask.

If you want to sell face masks in the market, then you should create a wide style of custom masks. The custom embroidery Toronto contractors will help in creating a wide range of designs for custom masks.

Design Placement Tips

Just finding the design for the face mask is not enough, you should also look out for the different ways for the placement of the design. It is quite difficult to choose the right place for the place of the design because the size of the face mask is very small. We are recommending there different options for the placement of the design on the face mask:

  • Design In The Corner

You can place the design in the right corner at the bottom of the face mask. If you want to keep the design subtle, then you should place it in the corner on the blank area of the mask. In case, you are creating the face masks for the volunteer, then this placement idea is good.

  • Tall and In-the-Center

If you want to highlight the design of your face mask, then you should enlarge its size and place it in the center of the face mask.

  • Horizontal

You should place the design in a horizontal manner which is just like mirroring the shape of the mask. It is one of the best ideas of face mask printing when you want to display the words over the mask.

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