Why Should Restaurants Choose Favouritetable For Table Reservations?

U.K. government has taken a plunge to resume services of restaurants. Restaurants will again serve their guests at their premises. It is great news, but the restaurants should be aware of their responsibilities of taking every possible safety measure. The restaurant should understand the urgent requirement of opening up the restaurant to dine in. Entertaining guests is not a great shake, but the procedure in the post-pandemic situation will be changed.

Restaurants have to take precautions to get away with the virus. One of the major steps you can take is to get a table reservation. Making table reservations mandatory should be a strict guideline for all restaurants. Why are table reservations important for restaurants? Table reservation helps the restaurant to manage the crowd of their premises. It gives the idea of how many people you will be serving in a day, and you can plan seating arrangements and food preparations accordingly.

So, ensure that you have table reservations before serving the guests. But how will you tell people that you have a mandatory table reservation policy? How will customers make table reservations? You might need a third-party no-commission app to manifest your terms and conditions and provide a platform to make a table reservation. Favouritetable is one solution to all your problems. Favouritetable ensures to manifest your policies and allows customers to make table reservations. Here are a few things favouritetable will ensure:

Easy process

Favouritetable provides an easy gateway for users. Customers can easily scan the QR code to access the menu of the restaurant. This procedure will also help in preparing a contactless menu. You can add the link to that particular code on your restaurant’s website. In the post-pandemic period, prioritize online procedures instead of increasing the risk of catching the virus.

Secure online payment

Favouritetable ensures to provide a secure payment gateway for the customers. This is the best step in post-pandemic situations as it curbs the risk of catching the deadly virus. People can make a secure payment through favouritetable without hassle. The restaurant will have complete access to their payment as favouritetable does not intervene in payments.


Most of the time, restaurants prefer having different menus for takeaways and dine in, but creating two different types of menus can create a hassle. Favouritetable has the solution. Now restaurants can prepare different menus with the change of prices for takeaways/deliveries and dine in.


To make restaurant management easier, it is always good to receive pre-orders. People can drop orders before entering the restaurant premises not to have to wait for their order. Favouritetable not only gives the option for table reservation but also provides an option for pre-ordering. Customers can pre-order while making a table reservation so that they skip the waiting part and hunt for food. Now restaurants an easily manage their kitchen.

Easy to create menus

Creating a menu is an art to attract customers. How can you make it with proficiency? Favouritetable will help you to create the menu. You can schedule your menu every day to give customers a variety. People can choose something new from your menu every day. It is helpful, especially when restaurants have special Sunday menus for the guest or have customized party packages. So, create a new menu every day for every meal to give a variety to the customers.

Bottom line

Restaurants should act responsibly, especially in post-pandemic situations. If they are acting-wise to deal with the deadly virus, the customers will automatically become more precautious. FvaouriteTable ensures implementation of all safety measure in the post-pandemic period.

The exceptional features of favouritetable make it more admirable for the restaurants. Favouritetable does not want ill-gotten gains and thus do not prioritise only their profit. Restaurants can trust favouritetable. It only acts as an intermediator and not the supervisor. Restaurants can choose their schemes an offers that favouritetable will manifest on their page.

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