Easy Home Additions That Will Improve Your Life

Anyone with a busy schedule would agree how tough it can be to organize and maintain your home. Thanks to technology, you can improve the quality of your life with simple smart home additions.

57 percent of Americans say with smart technology, they are able to save 30 minutes per day. With a dazzling number of smart home devices out there, it’s easy to get confused. 

To make things simple, here is a list of smart home devices that are easy to add to your home: 

1: Switch to Smart Security System

A security system is a must-have in every home. To improve your home security and take it to another level, upgrade to a smart security system such as Vivint smart home security

With a smart solution like this, you can lock and unlock your home remotely, get alerts whenever unusual activity occurs, keep an eye on the front porch via a security camera. It’s perfect for staying on top of home security. 

2: Buy a Smart TV

A smart TV is much like an entertainment hub. With this smart device, you can stream movies and listen to music by connecting your TV with a voice-controlled smart speaker. By switching to a smart TV, you will enjoy these perks and never have to worry about misplacing your remote again. 

3: A Smart Coffee Maker for Instant Morning Coffee

Raise your hand if this has happened to you before. You woke up late and forgot to turn on the coffee maker while getting ready for work. Missing up on your favorite morning brew can make you crabby the whole day.

With a smart coffee maker, you won’t have to miss a day without a fresh cup of morning coffee. Sync your coffee maker with your morning alarm and say goodbye to cranky mornings.  

4: Turn Regular Outlet into a Smart Outlet

Smart plugs are a great home automation addition. These wireless plugs can be easily installed over existing outlets so that you can control plugged devices via smart home apps as well as smart speakers. 

With smart outlets, you can even calculate how much each device is adding to your energy bill. This will help you identify costly appliances and replace them.

5: Control Home Energy via Smart Thermostat

A lot of energy is wasted when nobody is home and the heating or cooling is still on. By switching to smart thermostats, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. And save up to 10 to 15 percent of energy on a monthly basis. These smart thermostats can also learn your preferences and adjust the temperature automatically. You can even schedule the heating or cooling. 

6: Install Smart Faucets

While cooking, you will come across situations where it would be helpful if the sink turns on by voice command. Thanks to smart faucets, it’s possible. You can turn on the faucet by the wave of your hand or voice command. 

These faucets are so smart, they can also dispense water by measuring. If you need 2 cups of water, the faucet will release two cups exactly. 

7: Schedule Automatic Cleaning

Don’t want to spend your valuable time on household chores? Get yourself a robot vacuum that lets you schedule the cleaning cycle. It does the vacuuming on your behalf while you are out for a run or at work. 

These home automation devices feature an intelligent navigation system. They can also handle different types of surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, or tiles. 

8: Save Energy with Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the most affordable smart home additions and they can help you save a ton of energy. The smart lighting system is smart enough to detect when to dim the lights. The lights can be programmed to switch off automatically whenever you leave the room. Imagine how much energy you would be saving this way!

9: Never Leave Your Pets Hungry with Smart Pet Feeders

When you are out for a long weekend, traveling or working overtime, your furry friends could be sitting hungry at home. 

By getting a smart pet feeder, you can make sure your pets get their meals on time. These devices let you set portion sizes and feeding times. You can schedule to dispense the food through a mobile app even if you have to stay away from home for a little longer. Some smart pet feeders also come with a camera so that you can check on your friend remotely.

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