Five Clear-Cut Reasons Mentoring in the Workplace is Necessary

A mentor is the one who helps their mentees to overcome their difficulties and succeed in their goal. Mentoring is a long-term relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring in the workplace can help the employees to be confident in their work and also it can help them in improving better communication skills.

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Here are five Clear-Cut Reasons Mentoring in the Workplace is Necessary:

Mentees perform better:

A good mentor will use his lifelong experience to encourage you for your better performance. They will be the one who will guide you for different problems you face and also influence you to overcome your weakness to find success in your work. A mentor will help you to improve your communication skills and also you will feel secure in your work if you have a mentor along with you. If a mentee becomes confident in asking questions to their mentor, this will help the mentor to provide a good influence to the mentee that will help them in their better progress.

Develop new skills:

The relationship between a mentor and mentees is to acquire job-related skills for young and inexperienced individuals. Also, a mentor can assist their mentees in their difficult situations and guide them to overcome their problems. Mentors also help in providing soft skill knowledge like how to work as a team, how to understand workplace relationships, and how to show respect to others. All these things can help mentees to perform better in their workplace.

Create a better workplace environment:

A good relationship between a mentor and mentee can lead to having better job satisfaction for both. Right mentoring can provide you to form a good social and professional network and also it helps the employees in reducing their stress level while working.

A mentor’s job is to connect with every individual on a personal level to reduce the social gap and also to guide them in the right way, this will make the employees gain more confidence and decrease their anxiety too. All these things can help in forming a better workplace environment.


Well, when both the mentor and the mentee feel that they are equally valued for their contribution then there is a greater chance that they will stay in the game for a longer period. For example- When you are working in a company and your mentor is your senior then it will become easy for you to reach them and you will get more confidence in asking different questions, and if your concerns have been addressed properly then you will feel valued and will never want to leave that work.


“The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting,” said Plutarch, a Greek Middle Platonist philosopher, historian, biographer, essayist, and priest at the Temple of Apollo. Plutarch is known primarily for his Parallel Lives, a series of biographies of illustrious Greeks and Romans, and Moralia, a collection of essays and speeches.

The mentoring relationship can be very rewarding in both personal and professional life.

If we talk about mentees, when your mentor provides you guidance according to their experience then it will help you to build a better path for your career. Also, it will be rewarding for the mentor to know that their guidance had  a direct impact on your professional growth.

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