Make your retirement safe and secure and stay happy in future

Planning for your retirement is a lifelong process and keeps on evolving. To secure your retirement, you have to build up a cushion that will help you comfortably fund your retiral.

The WHY part of savings makes it fun for you, whereas the HOW part can make it boring.

The secure way to retirement

Make retirement goals and also the strategy to meet them. Also, gather knowledge to understand the types of retirement accounts and how to raise money in them for your future.

Once you start saving your money, look for various investment options to make it grow. Along with the investment option, also find ways to minimize your retiral tax.

Many people plan to borrow easy loans in their retirement phase to fund their retirement. But borrowing does not make it easy. Instead makes things difficult.

You can efficiently plan your retiral to have a debt-free retirement.

Ways to fund your retirement

  1. Understand the Time Horizon

You have to calculate the total time that you have to work on your retiral savings and plan for your retirement strategy. The longer time in your retirement leads to a higher risk level of your portfolio.

You can invest your money in stocks and reap benefits out of it. Usually, the stocks are considered riskier investments, but you can invest and earn benefits if you have 30 plus years to retirement.

Mostly in such longer durations, stocks outperform all the other investment options.

The major benefit is that the power of compounding also comes into play for a long time and makes the time worth investing.

If you invest in stocks, they are considered to be less volatile but will provide you with the income to live on. Along with these investment ways, inflation also plays its part.

Compared to the 58-year-old individual planning for his retiral, you have the benefit of planning for your retirement when in your 30s.  But 58 year old does not need to worry about the rising standard of living.

You will also have less concern about inflation as compared to someone who has just started.

  1. Understand the Retirement Spending Needs

Keep your expectations realistic about post-retirement spending habits, as it will help you define your portfolio accurately. Many people believe that post-retirement, their spending will reduce to 70-80% of what they use to spend previously.

This is an unrealistic assumption.  Many retirees initially spend a major amount of money to fulfil their goals, such as travelling or buying an expensive asset.

  1. Calculate Investment Returns post-tax

Once you have determined the expected time horizon, you can calculate your investment return post the retirement tax. It should be done to estimate the feasibility of your income portfolio and the income that is required.

If you are expecting an unrealistic rate of return at 10%, it is not possible.  With the ageing process, the threshold goes down, and the portfolio comprises low-yielding fixed-income securities.

Your investment returns are typically dependent on the type of retirement. Therefore, calculate the actual rate of return on an after-tax basis.

Your retirement planning process is important, and knowing your tax status is an important part of the process.

  1. Assess your retirement Risk Tolerance and investment goals

The most important step in your planning process is to assess your investment decisions along with the risk factors involved and their tolerance level.

Also, the goals that your investments have are important points to consider in your retiral process.  You can ask questions to yourself such as, “How much risk you can take to achieve the desired results?”

  1. Estate Planning

Your plan includes your estate planning too and forms an important part. Estate planning requires the expertise of many professionals such as accountants, lawyers and many other people. Your retirement process also includes a life insurance plan.

To fulfil your retirement plan, you have to fulfil both aspects, i.e. estate planning and life insurance. These aspects ensure your assets are distributed the way you want and your family and loved ones do not have to suffer financially.

If you plan your retiral carefully and tactfully, you can save yourself from a lengthy and expensive probate process.

Along with these two aspects, tax planning forms another part of the estate planning process. If you wish to leave the assets for your family or charity, you have to compare the tax implications of either gifting or passing them through the estate process.


To plan the perfect retirement plan, you have to strike a realistic balance between the expected returns that are realistic in nature and the desired standard of living.

The right way is to create a flexible portfolio that can be changed and updated according to the market fluctuations and meets your retiral objectives.

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