How To Keep Office Staff Comfortable During Summer Season

During the summer season, the productivity level at workplaces starts falling significantly due to the increased rate of sickness. It is so because the office staff is trying to cope up with the changing weather. If you want to maintain a high productivity level at the workplace, then you should look out for different ways to keep your office staff cool and comfortable.

You should keep your employees healthy and happy so that they can do their work efficiently. Here, in this article, we have outlined various important things that you need to consider during the hot summer season:

Keep Your AC On

Air conditioning Sydney is one of the best ways to keep your office rooms cool and employees comfortable during the hot sweltering summer. If it is possible, you should keep your AC on during hot sunny days.

Encourage Them To Dress Properly

Our clothing style should be according to the weather. You should choose breathable and light fabric for the sweltering summer days. You should encourage your staff to wear light-weight, light-colored and breathable clothes on hot summer days. It will help in evaporating the sweat from their body and leave a cooling effect. On the other hand, heavy and dark-colored clothes can make them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ice Cold Water

There must be a facility for ice-cold water for your office staff. During the summer season, cold water is required to quench our thirst. Therefore, you should buy one refrigerator on one floor and install various water coolers as well. It will provide easy accessibility to the cold water and help them to keep them cool and comfortable.

Keep Windows Shut

You should keep the windows shut during the hottest part of the day. You may be considering the opening of windows may help in cooling your office. But you should open the windows only during the early morning and evening time.

You should avoid the opening of windows during the hottest part of the day. It will lead to escaping of cool air and entering of hot air inside the office. You should never open your windows if the ducted air conditioning Sydney is on inside your office.

Turn Off Unwanted Electronic Device

If there are some PCs inside the office that are not in use, then you should turn off them. It is so because electronic devices can also add up heat inside the workplace. All electronic devices generate heat and can make a heated ambiance inside the office. In addition to this, you should keep the unwanted lighting fixture off.

Shaded Area For Breaks  

If there is an outdoor area for lunch in your office, then you should ensure that there is adequate shade. It will let your employees have lunch in a shaded area. The shaded region for lunch will provide the space to your employees where they can feel refreshed and refueled.

Use Blinds In Windows

Usually, the windows of offices are very large and they act as a suntrap. You should consider the installation of blinds and sunscreen that can prevent you from excessive sunlight.

During the sweltering summer season, you should not let the sunlight enter your office because it will lead to heating up of your space. By using the blinds, you can restrict the entrance of sunlight. Ultimately, you can reduce the accumulation of sunlight inside the office and maintain a cool ambiance.  

Avoid Doing Strenuous Activity

You should not include your staff member in strenuous activities during the summer. It is so because the heavy activities will make your employees feel exhausted. We recommend you to delay the strenuous to that day when the temperature is not so high.

Treat Your Staff

You should offer a treat to your staff an ice cream or cold drinks. It will help to boost up the morale of your employees during the hot summer season. By offer ice cream to your staff, your staff members will feel revitalized. It will help to give them a push during the hot summer season.

Help Them To Stay Hydrated

It is important to make sure that they have easy access to an adequate amount of water. You should not let your employees feel dehydrated. Otherwise, they may fall ill and it will reduce the productivity level at your workplace.

Also, you should send frequent reminders to your employees to drink water. There are plenty of benefits of staying hydrated. Dehydration affects the health of employees. Therefore, encourage them to drink as much water as they can.

Wrap Up

These are a few tips to keep your office cool and employees comfortable on hot summer days. You should consider these ideas and implement them on a hot sunny day.

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