Reasons To Prefer Dedicated High Performance Web Server Hosting Over Shared Hosting

If you have one or multiple online businesses, then you’ve perhaps asked yourself this question already. Or you’ve been searching for the answer online. While the web has a wealth of information, at times there’s just too much information. And one could often end up feeling more confused than anything else.

So, in this short blog post, we’re about to take a short trip on why it is worth your while to choose an alternative web hosting solution. And the best part is nowhere any technical jargon is used.

Fine, so why it is recommended to consider choosing dedicated high-performance web server hosting?

  • First of all, it depends mainly on how active your website is. Like, if your website on average has 1000 visitors per day, you’d probably be benefitted staying with your existing web hosting service. To tell the truth, it’s only when your website receives a lot of traffic like three to four thousand visitors per day, that you need to consider an alternative hosting solution.
  • A website that receives this amount of traffic is by all means considered to be truly successful, and so, you cannot afford to hamper your business by having to rely on shared hosting, over which you have just no control. Be cognizant, there can be a million websites sharing the same server, and if there’s a spike in traffic on a few of those sites, your website will obviously suffer as a result.

Sum Up

The main reason for choosing dedicated high-performance web server hosting would be if you want to improve the functionality of your website through the installation of custom applications, designed for your type of business. On the other hand, when you are on shared hosting, you have no control as such. So, you simply have to accept what you have, and you have to make the best of it.