The Best Video Conferencing Apps for your Work from Home Jobs

The COVID-19 situation has led several companies to switch to work from home. This has increased the need to interact with people through video. However, advance technology has made it easy for people to interact in an effective manner and continue their work from home by installing video conferencing apps.

There are several best video conferencing apps to install that help company to stay in connection with its clients. You need to know that there are very few chances of messages getting distorted or misunderstood through video conferencing.

Here are some top video conferencing apps that can help you in work from home jobs that too at no additional cost.

Video Conferencing Apps No.1 – Zoom

There are several money-making jobs you can work from home like web designer, digital marketer, and so on. You can use Zoom which is a famous video conferencing app use by people around the world.

This video conferencing app is not only perfect for professional work but also for private use at the same time. It is easy to use and install, while you need to create an account & get a unique meeting ID to start your meeting.

Video Conferencing Apps No.2 – Google Meet

It is important for you to know that Google Meet is the re-brand version of Google Hangouts. This app offers amazing services that are helpful for conducting business video calls in an effective manner. Connect with your contacts or other accounts promptly and schedule a call easily with Google Meet.

You can easily conduct one-to-one calls or group calls with 100 participants that too free of cost.  


Nowadays, everyone is using Whatsapp which is a popular chat app. The immense popularity of Whatsapp has now made companies use it for different business purposes.

Whatsapp permits you to make unlimited video calls with other Whatsapp users either one-to-one or group calls with at least 8 participants. You can also easily share documents, audio, videos, and photos within seconds by using this app.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is consider the most widespread business application because it helps you to make unlimited video calls with 100 participants at the same time and has no restrictions for call duration.

This application offers a plan that is pack with all the useful features, just signup with your email address and get started. Any kind of credit card or commitment is not require.


For the first time, Skype was introduce in the year 2003 but now it has completely transformed the way people connect. It has made it easy for people and companies to get involve in video conferencing.

With the free version, you can make one-to-one video calls. You can also make group calls with 50 participants on any device like Xbox, Alexa, and so on. Therefore, by using these amazing video conferencing apps you can make great money.

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