The Three Loves You’ll Have in Your Lifetime Each for a different cause.

According to legend, everyone will fall in love with three distinct persons at three separate times in their lives and thus experience three different passions.
I’d heard that saying before, but I’d never given it any thought until I had those three loves for myself.
You may have been in love three times. However, there will always be three connections that stand out above the rest. It will be the three people who had the greatest influence on your life and shaped who you are now.
These are the three most important loves in your life.

Love at first sight.

The young, puppy-dog, naive love bursts with the intensity and passion that only movies can capture. You’ll most likely fall in love at an early age. It’ll most likely be your first “real” relationship, and everyone will be ecstatic.
You spend every waking moment with each other. Every day apart is torturous, and you’re counting down the minutes until you’re back together.
Friendship was most likely the beginning of the relationship. Your immature brain couldn’t grasp how deeply and quickly you fell in love. You’re simply enjoying the surge of adrenaline. You believe you’ve found your life partner and feel as if you’re in a fairytale.

Things don’t feel right any longer as time passes. The passion you once found romantic is now exhausting and enraged. You recall the conflicts, but not the nature of the competition. You have the impression that you are pretending to be someone else because you have forgotten what it is like to be yourself. You’ll break up over something insignificant to reconcile the next day.

The fights eventually become too much for one of you. There will be a tearful, bitter separation at the end. It will feel as though your heart is ripped from your chest. It will feel as if the world has come to an end, and you will never find love again. You said you’d stay friends, and you meant it. However, you’ll discover that things don’t always go as planned.

To get over the breakup, you spend months listening to love songs, getting drunk, and reconnecting with pals.

A second chance at love.

Hard love is love that comes with a lot of pain in various forms, but it also comes with many useful lessons.

It’s the one that gives you the most insight into yourself.

You most likely met at a party or through a common friend. Things begin slowly because you require it. You notice red signs now and again but ignore them since they appear to be a great person, and after the first love, you’re ready for somebody decent.

This is most likely the person with whom you will move in. It’ll feel like the most serious and committed relationship you’ve ever had. You finally feel like an adult, and everything is in order.
On the other hand, passion has a flaw: it ignores your rational thinking. As time passes, you realise that sharing a room wasn’t such a good idea. You have the impression that you are so trapped by having to do everything that you might as well be living alone. The earlier red flags have grown in size and are now flapping in front of your sight.

You are aware of the betrayal and deception. You feel duped undervalued and unimportant. You feel like you’ve just squandered your life on someone who didn’t worth a second of your time.

You’ll be the one to call it quits on this relationship since you’ve finally figured out what you want, deserve, and require. This is the kind of love that makes you want to stop loving someone else. Instead, start loving yourself.

This is the third love.

The kind of love that sneaks up on you while you’re not seeking it. You’re comfortable in your skin at this point in your life, and you’ve erected a wall around your small heart to protect it.

This love will break down that barrier. It is love that will continue to knock on your door regardless of how long you take to answer it.

You are attracted to this individual, but not in a seductive way. It’s not just lust. It’s more than just a love story. You’re drawn to them because of their demeanour, the things they say, and the life they’ve lived. You’re enthralled by their ability to make you feel good about yourself.

They can recognise the beauty in your flaws. With them, there is no hiding or pretending to be someone else. Because you fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, you have no expectations of each other. You’re more concerned about them than you were with your past loves.

They congratulate you in ways you never imagined possible, and you return the compliment. This is the love that defies all expectations of what love should be like. more read blog think and explore.

This is the love that reintroduces you to the feeling of love. This is the love that teaches you how to return the love. It will instil compassion and a sense of awe for your life and surroundings in you.

It’s the love you’ll be with for the rest of your life.

No matter how difficult or painful it may be, your first and second loves will be the ones to help you grow. It may feel like years have passed, but remember that they are preparing you for your third love.

Your decisions define your fate, and you have complete control over them. You can stay with your first love because it appears to be a romantic comedy relationship. Because you’re at ease in the circumstance, you can stay with your second love.