Titanium Jewellery-An Inside Perspective

Marriage holds a special place in every society. That is why there have been different ceremonies in each culture. The tradition of engagement on the wedding road is one among these rituals. From time immemorial, engagement ceremonies have been arranged so that couples and their families can get to know each other better before marriage. After asking a girl’s hand in marriage by the groom’s family, both families reach to an agreement about the date, place, ceremony and their mutual expectations of the engagement.

Titanium is a mysterious word to many. The general perception for this metal is that it is a very hard material and some may know that it is also very light, especially for those who own any titanium jewellery or watches. Titanium is a newly found metal, and it is new to many industries. The metal was first discovered in England in the year 1791. It was discovered by an amateur chemist which was then known as Rutile and was in its impure form. It was not widely used until the last century because until 1910 the technique of extracting titanium naturally from ore remained a failure. It was utilized in many applications after it was shown that its alloys could be commercially produced by reducing titanium tetrachloride with magnesium in 1940. In the jewellery industry, titanium is offered in different grades. Pure titanium jewellery is much softer than the two alloys, that are known as 6Al4V and 6Al4V2Sn. 6 AL4V means that it contains 90% titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium. In contrast, titanium is quite a precious metal, titanium is abundant in the world and not valuable at all. 

Nevertheless, titanium jewellery is listed under the category of precious metals just like silver, gold and platinum. Also, the price range of titanium jewellery is equal to that of precious metals which are actually rare in the world. The reason is that although the metal itself is abundant, the process of making titanium alloy is more expensive as compared to traditional precious metals. The technology of making titanium alloy involves extremely high temperature and vacuum and strict control of the environment to avoid any pollution. This drives the prices of titanium rings jewellery to that as much as the prices for gold jewellery are held at. Although titanium alloys have high strength and are wear resistance, it can still be damaged. In fact, it can be worked on almost the same size as other jewellery, such as resizing, filing, polishing and engraving. However, special equipment is required to do this. Therefore, in case of emergency, titanium rings can be cut like any other ring, except that some special tools are required. Note that genuine titanium jewellery can be bent by scratching like gold and silver jewellery. Titanium jewellery is hypoallergenic. Titanium alloys are always inert and do not contain nickel or cobalt which most people with sensitive skin are allergic to. They will not change colour or cause outbreaks to virtually anyone. In short, titanium jewellery can be considered very safe to wear.

Looks like jewellers are moving beyond new ideas to create new jewellery. Nevertheless, titanium along  with tungsten wedding  ring jewellery is one of the fastest growing brand and metal nowadays and has justifiable popularity. Most people mistakenly believe that titanium is a strong metal.

Indeed, the sole metal is not hard enough for most purposes today; the mixture prepared from it offers great strength and provides resistance to heat. Also, titanium is not considered as a precious metal like silver, gold or platinum. Therefore, jewellery made of titanium national (aircraft grade) like wedding band rings can be used every day as opposed to gold or silver which can be easily scratched or tarnished. Furthermore, titanium wedding rings are much tougher and more durable than gold and silver, making it a perfect candidate for symbolizing eternal love in a marriage. In addition to the traditional uses in weddings, titanium also has a variety of properties that make it popular in the fashion jewellery industry.

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