Top 10 best Statistical Analysis Software with price for 2021

Do you want to expand your business by using the power of statistics? If you do, GoodFirms recognizes your enthusiasm and provides a list of Statistical Analysis Software on the market. Marketers can capture, structure, analyze, and interpret data from the market using this modern software. Statistical analysis software is a type of software that allows users to perform complex statistical analysis. These items generally provide tools for arranging, Android Assignment Help analyzing, and displaying different data sets. Statistical tools usually bundle these data processing capabilities with statistical analysis-specific features. Statistical analysis technologies include a wide range of capabilities that enable various analysis methodologies, including regression analysis, predictive analytics, and statistical modeling, to name a few. We curate some of the best and mostly used statistical analysis systems, as well as vendor information and client-generated feedback, at GoodFirms to help service seekers make informed decisions. 

Here are the top ten best Statistical Analysis software software, along with their prices.

  1. IBM SPSS: various clients use IBM SPSS Statistics technology to solve industry-specific market issues and develop professional decision-making. This will provide a robust, user-friendly, and engaging platform for analyzing data and addressing business and research challenges. It covers every part of the analytical process, from data preparation and control to review and documentation. It also has personalized features and settings for different levels of expertise and functional roles.

Price: $99.00/month

  1. XLSTAT: XLStat is predictive software with a broad variety of functions to satisfy the needs of users. It works with Microsoft Excel and can be used on both a Laptop and a Mac. The XLSTAT statistical analysis add-in enhances Excel’s analytical capabilities with a broad range of features, making it the perfect platform for your daily data analysis and statistics needs.

Price: Users can download a free trial of XLStat. With added functionality, the price rises to $275 a year per user.

  1. Stata: Stata Software is a single software package that includes everything you need for data processing, management, and graphics. It is one of the most popular statistical analysis softwares available online. Stata is open to users with and without coding experience, thanks to its graphical user interface and command-line structure. Behavioral science, education, medical research, economics, political science, public policy, sociology, finance, industry, and marketing are only a few of the areas where Stata is used.

Price: Customers can try Stata for free, and users can contact Stata for a more comprehensive price quote.

  1. MaxStat: This is an online statistical app that is very simple to use and inexpensive. Inside a single dialogue box, three simple steps are needed to complete the statistical analysis. It is useful for students and young scholars because it offers step-by-step study.

Price: You can either use the lite version of MaxStat or buy the approved version, which costs €39 for students and €79 for anyone else. The price rises as more features are added.

  1. RStudio: RStudio’s main goal is to establish a long-term open-source company that develops data science and statistical computing applications. Some of our jobs, such as the RStudio IDE, Rmarkdown, shiny, and many tidyverse packages, might be familiar to you. Our commercial products help teams of R users work together efficiently, share computing resources, and publish their findings to policymakers within the enterprise, and they support our open source projects.

Price: Rstudio Desktop pro: $995

RStudio Server Pro Standard: $4,975

RStudio Server Pro Enterprise: $11,950

  1. AcaStat: AcaStat is also used as one of the best mostly used online statistical analysis tools, and it analyses data with very basic statistical tools. It performs statistical analysis quickly and clearly. Frequency tables, cross-tabulations, descriptive statistics, correlations, OLS and logistic regression, t-tests, nonparametric tests, and more are available via AcaStat. Set missing values, use controls, and recode variables by formatting variable and value labels.

Price: AcaStat goods start at $9.99 and go up in price as the number of features increases.

  1. MINITAB: Minitab is one of the most powerful statistical programs available on the internet. Minitab is used to build and analyze data by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies and about 4000 colleges and universities worldwide. Minitab has a variety of helpful features that help you streamline your workflow, as well as a detailed collection of statistics for evaluating your data and graphs for communicating your findings.

Price: Minitab’s pricing starts at $29 for six months and goes up to $49 annually if you want more features.

  1. SAS: SAS is ideal for conventional ANOVA and linear regression, and it can be used for both specialized and enterprise-wide statistical needs. SAS employs the most up-to-date mathematical analysis methods and large data functions, regardless of the scale of the data sets. 

Price: Contact SAS for a free trial of the app and a tailored pricing quote depending on your needs.

  1. Starting: Statwing is one of the most powerful statistical resources available. Statwing helps users complete tasks five times faster than MS Excel or other statistical applications such as R or SPSS.

Price: Statwing app is available for users to try for free. The cost of services rises as more features are added.

  1. NCSS: NCSS software includes a wide range of statistical and graphical methods for data analysis. It includes well-organized documentation, free training videos, and an email support team that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Price: NCSS annual subscriptions start at $239 per year. Additional features can be bought for $199.


Statistical tools may or may not be suitable for your BI solution, depending on the circumstances and the type of data you want to analyze. Many solutions, though strong, require at least a basic understanding of statistics, data science, or programming to function. Statistical analysis tools might be right for you if you have the technological know-how and the desire to glean the most profound insights from your results.

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