What is a solar power inverter?

The solar power inverter will receive the DC electricity and convert it into AC to send it to the fuse box. When AC electricity is received by the switchboard it will deliver to your house to power up all the appliances. Even if it is your office the quick working of appliances will make things easy for you. If there is excess power in the fuse box the battery storage system will receive it.

Sometimes this power also goes to the grid, but it also depends on the usage and setup of the entire system. Homeowners can mount the solar panels on the roof of their home but a sturdy solar inverter can be installed on the outside wall of your home. Homeowners can also place it in the garage of the laundry. It is easy to protect your solar power inverter from harsh weather conditions but ensures it remains close to the power board. For the best of results, an inverter should be under the shade.

Types of solar power inverters

A solar power inverter is an integral part of the solar electric power system. It converts the (DC) of a solar panel into AC. Most of the home appliances require AC electricity to work. This energy goes into the home battery storage and will keep all the appliances safe and secure. There are some new hybrid inverters in the market that feature a battery system.

Most of the durable solar power systems require quality inverters to work. The quality inverters will fail and will not give good results to the user, especially during intense weather conditions. There are three different types of solar power inverters and they all have their functions. Stand-alone and grid-tie are two famous inverters but the battery backup solar inverter is also a common choice.

 Grid Tie Solar power Inverter 

A grid-tie inverter will convert the DC electricity into AC electricity. You can easily inject it into the electrical power grid. Whenever the inverter has an issue you shouldn’t worry .It has an automatic shutdown system that will prevent the inverter from damages.

Battery Backup power Inverter                  

Battery backup solar power inverter is of the most popular power inverters. Solar batteries are responsible for providing it with energy. It will shift the energy to the grid by charging it. Some of the backup power inverters supply alternate current power if there is an interruption with the power supply.

Stand-alone power inverter 

Stand-alone solar power inverters are those solar power inverters that are designed for isolated systems. It also features a battery while its power system is also off-grid. The stand-alone solar power inverter will get the DC power through the solar batteries. The DC power will convert into AC power.

Different sizes of solar inverters

There are different sizes of solar power inverters available in the market. The size of the power inverter will depend on the size of the solar panels that are installed in your home. If you have a 5.0kW solar power system it will require either the same size or a large inverter. One of the smallest solar power inverters will resemble the size of a big suitcase.